Nour’s Monthly Reminders on Strategic Relationships!
Nour’s Monthly Reminders on Strategic Relationships!
Hello Friends,

Last month, I shared with you five observations I’m seeing in the market. This month, let me turn the table around and ask a handful of questions:

1. The Health of Your Biz Growth? Thanks to a booming economy, many businesses are growing and thriving. My question is, at what cost? Growth at any cost is shortsighted - you simply can’t buy it for $2, sell it for a $1 and make it up on volume!

2. The Viability of Your Relationships? Another sign of a strong economy: people move all the time. How are you keeping up with your relationships? As a friend recently reminded me, you can’t plant a tree the day you need shade!

3. The Freshness Date On Your Learning? My wife always looks for the freshness date on dairy we buy at our local grocery store. I wonder what’s the freshness date on what you’ve learned, are applying, and how you’re growing personally and professionally?

4. The Disengaged You? A friend of mine has given up his cell phone for the past two years! When I asked him why, he said too many around him had become all consumed with digital and were missing the world (and others) all around them! How are you disengaging from digital overload?

5. What’s Your 168? We all have 168 hours in every week. Where are you prioritizing your limited resource (time) for your biggest outcomes?

Would love your comments in our blog to these questions - check it out HERE.

Make it a great March,

David Nour - Thinker, Advisor, Speaker, Coach
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Curve Benders Podcast - At the Nexus of Future of Work and Strategic Relationships
I’m so excited to share key insights from my next book (#11), Curve Benders, including fabulous guests on our weekly podcast. Check out some of the recent episodes brought to you by great clients, such as Cipla and Delta:

  • Episode 9: Three Superpowers with Saul Kaplan - Had an amazing time with Saul Kaplan, founder of the Business Innovation Factory. Check out the three Superpowers he shared in a life focused on transforming our social constructs. No wonder his title is Chief Catalyst!

  • Episode 10: Project Revolution with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez  - Antonio is one of the sharpest minds in the global project management space. Check out his insights on the project hierarchy, what senior leaders need to know, and the most common mistakes in project disasters!

I’m also turning the traditional show notes into articles. Check out the previous episodes in our blog including::
Upcoming Learning and Growth Opportunity
April 15-16 Strategy Visualization Course at Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

If you’re in or around the Nashville, TN area, come join us for two fantastic days of bridging great ideas into execution, impact, and results.

Our Creative Director, Lin Wilson, will join me as we cover recent insights on strategy formulation (where and how to compete), combined with Simple-Easy-Fast visual storytelling. If you’re making others spend way too many cycles to understand your vision, initiative, or strategic path forward, you can’t possibly expect them to get or follow you. This course is ideal for any strategic thinker, those who own major initiatives and actually have to produce results from their ideas, and others who need buy-in from a broad-based audience.

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